Air ducts and fittings are the basis of any ventilation system. Our company offers products of its own production from galvanized, welding and stainless steel.All products manufactured by our company meet the necessary standards and requirements.Our production is equipped with high-level equipment, which makes it possible to produce high quality ventilation equipment in a short time. You can buy the following items a tour production site:

  • Circular and rectangular galvanized air ducts
  • Fittings: adapting pipes, bend pipes, tee pipes, etc.
  • Air duct sandblack (carbon) steel shaped elements
  • Ventilation system network parts
  • Stainless steel hoods


vozduhovodi-preimyshestvo-1 High product quality
vozduhovodi-preimyshestvo-2 Competitive prices
vozduhovodi-preimyshestvo-3 Supply of equipment throughout Russia
vozduhovodi-preimyshestvo-4 Short production times
vozduhovodi-preimyshestvo-5 Production of non-standard products according to any required size
vozduhovodi-preimyshestvo-6 Discounts to our regular customers