- Pipeline units and parts

The company manufactures various pipeline mounting components, as well as circulating water pipelines.

Assembling of pipe units and assemblies consists in the following: a certain section of the pipeline is assembled from individual parts, sections and elements using welded, flanged and threaded joints.

Our company manufactures:

  • High-pressure pipeline units;
  • Low-pressure pipeline units;
  • Supports;
  • Pipe hangers.


  • When supplying pipelinesin units, labor costs for installation reduce by 50-60% due to the assembling and welding of individual parts at the plant.This is of particular importance when installing high-pressure pipelines.
  • When assembling high-pressure pipelinesintounits, a large amount of work on heat treatment and quality control of welded joints is performedin addition to the above mentioned work.
  • Assembling of pipelines into mounting units reduces the time forinstallation of pipelines and power plants in general, since these works can be performed in parallel with the construction work.
  • When installing pipelines in unit form, the number of lifting operations, the installation of scaffolds and trestlework is reduced, as well as fitter's works are dramatic reduced, while creating conditions for safe work and improving the quality of work.
  • The more pipeline equipment is assembledinto mounting units and the less amount of pipe units, the higher will be the profitability of installing the pipeline in unit form and the lower its price.
  • Pipe hangers.

Pipeline units and assemblies mainly consist of the following elements: tee pipes,elbows,pipe unions,аdapting pipes, plugs, bend pipes, hangers and supports.


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